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I recently had the pleasure of watching the entire series of an amazing, albeit short lived gem of a TV Show. Lasting only 13 episodes on FOX between September and December of 2002 (and one feature length movie in 2005 that played more like 2/3 episodes strung together), Firefly featured a team of space smugglers set in a future where humans have finally conquered the stars and settled on thousands more planets/moons all over the galaxy. Part American Civil War, part Star Wars, the setting is a little over 500 years in the future. A governmental super-group, named the Alliance, has brought all of these worlds together under one banner, installing themselves as the authoritarian leader controlling them all, enforcing their own laws, and playing a part similar to the North in the American Civil War. To do this, they waged war for several years against the planets and brown-coat armies that wanted to keep their independence and freedom. Long and bloody, the war came out in the Alliance’s favour, but left many still sour with the outcome. One such individual is Sergeant Malcolm Reynolds (played by Nathan Fillion). Following the war, Reynolds buys a Firefly-class cargo spaceship, fixes it up, assembles a motley-type crew, and sets off to make a life for themselves in illegally smuggling goods, while fighting injustice whenever it finds them.


The cast of Firefly, taking a breather in between dangerous bar fights and high speed space chases...



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