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For those that follow DC Comics, you are most likely highly in favor or highly against (by now) of the DCnU. For those unfamiliar, the DCnU is the new Universe that started in DC Comics as of September 2011. Directly before that, DC Comics was showcasing a large cross over event called “Flashpoint”, where many changes were made to the universe due to some time traveling bad guy (I won’t spoil it for those who have not yet read the story). Coming out of Flashpoint, is this new Universe. Not only has the in story universe rebooted, but the actually comics have as well. September saw 52 titles, all starting at #1, for the first time in years for some. Detective Comics? Started in 1937, reached issue number 881. As of September? Back down to number 1.

Needless to say, it’s a strange time for readers. Lots of change over, lots of stress, and lots of high tensions. I won’t get into my opinion on the matter right now (but expect it soon!). The most recent news from Dc and the DCnU is the identity of “The Red Hooded Woman”. This individual has been very ominous since her first appearance in the final issue of Flashpoint, and then appeared in each of the first new 52 #1’s that saw light in September. Behind trees, floating above groups, hiding inside groups, in windows, behind trash cans. Fans had a nice delight trying to find this person in every issue, having a little easter egg you knew to look out for.