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Today is the birthday of one Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson (January 4, 1890 – January 1, 1968). The name may not mean much to many of you out there. To many, he would just seem to be another long dead American military man. Lord knows that American military history has more names than any one person could ever remember. What sets Major Wheeler-Nicholson apart is not his military record, or even his descendants’ celebrity status (his granddaughter, Dana, is a well known 80’s/90’s actress). No, what sets this Major apart is a company he started in 1934.

Noticing a lack of originality in the magazine/print entertainment world, Wheeler-Nicholson put out a tabloid sized magazine called New Fun: The Big Comic Magazine. This publication would make history, as the first of its kind to collect all original material, and to include advertising (anyone who ever bought X-Ray glasses or those god-awful sea monkey should know the significance of this move). This would mark the birth of National Allied Publications. Though Wheeler-Nicholson himself would not stay with the publication, National Allied Publications would go on to absorb several publishing companies and characters over the years, and are still with us today. Now known as DC Comics, named after Detective Comics (the title that birthed such heroes as Batman, Martian Manhunter, the Boy Commandos, and the Crimson Avenger), the company is now one of the two big comic publishing companies in the business.

In honour of this significant contribution Major Wheeler-Nicholson has made to the world of comic books (and to all geeks in every discipline), I am presenting my top 5 military-supporting comic covers. Love them or hate them, it’s hard to argue with the support that comic books showed for the military during the war. Even with the Major’s own checkered past with the military, it’s clear that it heavily influenced his future career.