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So just as every other New TV Season, I’ve taken it upon myself to watch every new show there is, push myself through it and see what’s what. Some end up great, some end up not so much. Some get through to a season 2, some get canceled… Oh, who am I kidding, 75% to 90% get canceled whether they’re great or not!

Fall of 2012 was no¬†different¬† so I decided that this time around I’m going to share my thoughts, and either give you all a good chance to avoid the muck, or take a chance on something that you may end up falling in love with (even if it is ripped away from your heart in December or April…).


If you’ve been keeping up with my young Blog, then you know by now that in the comic world, I’ve attached my wagon to the DC Universe and its characters. And like any other fan boy, I am utterly obsessed with the what if’s of casting fictional characters into real life movies. Love or hate the move adaptations, there isn’t a geek or nerd alive that can resist the hype brought on by a new movie featuring some of your favorite fictional characters.

Some time ago, I put this list together after some careful thinking, re-thinking, and over-thinking. My reasoning for the below is based largely on looks and body characteristics, but also the actors’ abilities to… well… act. Also, I’ve made sure to pick casting that keeps every character with an actor that’s never been used in a real movie for them before. So without further ado, see below for my list.

Martell's DC Universe Casting

Click on the image for larger image.

So what are your thoughts? Agreements? Disagreements? Anyone you would have left out or added?

Let’s hear it!