DCnU rolls out its 2nd Wave of New Titles, and its 1st Wave of Dropped Titles

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Comics News
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For those of you that have been following the Comic News, you know that I cover largely DC Comics topics and issues. This is because for the last little while, DC has been the publisher making all the big splashes in our news scopes. Further to that, many of you may recall that I do not think very highly of the decision to relaunch the DC Universe to the DCnU. Today, via their DC Source Blog, they have announced another big change: 6 series are being concluded (fancy talk for canceled) and 6 series are getting a chance at life. DC’s series that are walking up to the chopping block after their respective 8th issues in April are as follows:

  • Blackhawks
  • Hawk and Dove
  • Men of War
  • Mister Terrific
  • O.M.A.C.
  • Static Shock

The DCnU's first round of Canceled Titles...

Very confusing choices, in my opinion, as these titles were no where near their weakest links from their original new 52 line up. Though none of the above titles made it to the Top 100 Comics in Sales for December 2011, I found some titles that did make that list to be far inferior (consistently inferior in issues #1 through #4), such as FRANKENSTEIN AGENT OF SHADE, and GREEN ARROW. I’ve been waiting for the first round of canceled titles to come out pretty well since the DCnU began, but was shocked to see the list they produced. In particular, I really enjoyed stories found in Hawk and Dove, AND Men of War. But such is life when the sales numbers refuse to agree with you.

As for the titles they will launch/relaunch in their place, they are a mix of potential and disaster for me. The new titles are below:

  • BATMAN INCORPORATED – The title us Batman fans have been waiting to get more of is back, after a very short hiatus. If they keep the past storyline going, we should be fine with this on. Writer-Grant Morrison / Artist-Chris Burnham.
  • EARTH 2 – The Justice Society is back! Or are they? Those of us that grew up in the 60’s/70’s recall the hyjinx that insued when two similar superhero teams get together from two parallel worlds, but what about us 80’s/90’s kids that got used to the JSA being the original team that inspired all that came after? Those that refuse to remember history are doomed to repeat it, so let’s hope this one is done right! Writer-James Robinson / Artist-Nicola Scott.
  • WORLDS’ FINEST – At first glance, the title seems to tell us we will finally be getting our fill of a Superman/Batman team up title, but do not be fooled by the ruse. This title is actually going to be featuring Huntress and Power Girl (both of Earth 2) and their attempts to find a way back to their world. Makes me a little angry, as World’s Finest is Superman and Batman, not their counterparts’ cousin and daughter.
    Writer-Paul Levitz / Artists-George Perez/Kevin Maguire.
  • DIAL H – This could go in any which direction. Originally Dial H for Hero, the story used to feature a young boy that used a strange dial type artifact to turn himself into a different hero with different powers every time he uses it. To me, Ben 10 severely rips of this kid’s shtick, and made quite a success out of it as well. Maybe this series will finally put some distance between the two? Writer-China Miéville / Artist-Mateus Santoluoco.
  • G.I. COMBAT – From all descriptions I’ve found, it seems this title will showcase the series The War that Time Forgot, though why they didn’t just call it that, I’ve no sweet freaking clue. The back up stories that will be included in the title will be an eclectic mix and revolving door of War/Battle type characters, such as the Unknown Soldier, and the Haunted Tank. I would assume (but I could be wrong) that we will also get to see more of the Creature Commandos, or what the DCnU will try to pull off as them.
    Writer-J.T. Krul / Artist-Ariel Olivetti.
  • THE RAVAGERS – As said by The Source, “Spinning off from TEEN TITANS and SUPERBOY, this series finds four superpowered teens on the run and fighting against the organization that wants to turn them into supervillains.” The DC Universe once only had room for one Ravager (oh wait, I meant two Ravagers… oh Crap, I mean three Ravagers) n their history, how will 4 do?
    Writer-Howard Mackie / Artist-Ian Churchill.

This list makes me think of some more series I’d love to see resurrected in the DCnU. As much as I loath this new world order, it seems it’s here to stick around. So, here is my list of what I think should be the next titles to get a second chance at life:

  • The Phantom Stranger
  • The Outsiders
  • Secret Six
  • Checkmate

What does everyone think? Could there be more changes to come in 2012 for DCnU in their second year? What do you think should be the next few titles to get a second breath? Leave your comments below!

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