Who is “Pandora”?

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Comics News
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For those that follow DC Comics, you are most likely highly in favor or highly against (by now) of the DCnU. For those unfamiliar, the DCnU is the new Universe that started in DC Comics as of September 2011. Directly before that, DC Comics was showcasing a large cross over event called “Flashpoint”, where many changes were made to the universe due to some time traveling bad guy (I won’t spoil it for those who have not yet read the story). Coming out of Flashpoint, is this new Universe. Not only has the in story universe rebooted, but the actually comics have as well. September saw 52 titles, all starting at #1, for the first time in years for some. Detective Comics? Started in 1937, reached issue number 881. As of September? Back down to number 1.

Needless to say, it’s a strange time for readers. Lots of change over, lots of stress, and lots of high tensions. I won’t get into my opinion on the matter right now (but expect it soon!). The most recent news from Dc and the DCnU is the identity of “The Red Hooded Woman”. This individual has been very ominous since her first appearance in the final issue of Flashpoint, and then appeared in each of the first new 52 #1’s that saw light in September. Behind trees, floating above groups, hiding inside groups, in windows, behind trash cans. Fans had a nice delight trying to find this person in every issue, having a little easter egg you knew to look out for.

Today, DC has given us a hint to her identity. We now have… a name. That would be a pretty big deal right? A name can be everything. Not today though. As found at this link, DC’s most wanted and mysterious woman is called “Pandora”. Still as mysterious as ever, and leaves us further in the dark, as the name really does not mean much in common DC Universe history.


DC's hooded woman, the ominous "Pandora", as released by DC Comics.

The file name DC has chosen to save the .jpg image under is “The-Strange-color_1001”, perhaps eluding to more clues.

My theory is this: What if this Pandora, is connected to DC’s Phantom Stranger?

DC has answered a lot of their big mysteries over the years, but the only one that really stays mysterious and never fully answered in the Phantom Stranger. I won’t count the reasoning they gave in The Kingdom, because let’s face it, The Kingdom (and Kingdom Come) should really be treated as elseworld, and nothing further). And.. SPOILER ALERT.. the future son of Superman and Wonder Woman doesn’t fit great for most Phantom Stranger encounters anyway.

Colour schemes aside, let’s look at the similarities:

  • Suit, buttoned up.
  • Cloak type accessory
  • Shadows hiding part of face
  • Always watching our favorite character in the background, but no one seems to notice them
  • Obvious tie-in to magical abilities

DC's Phantom Stranger, looking/sounding oddly like a Scooby Doo Villain!

AND, what about that file name? The-Strange-color_1001 … my thought is that can be a hint of some kind of connection with the Stranger.

What do you think? Maybe? Or am I grasping at straws? Leave a comment, and tell me your thoughts or theories!

  1. Mot Yrreb says:

    Keep Phantom Stranger as he is. Let Pandora do her own thing.

    • martelljt says:

      does that mean you don’t see the similarities Tom? Currently we don’t even know if there is a Phantom Stranger in the DCnU… so how do we keep him as is when his existence is uncertain?

  2. Ben Carlsen says:

    What if she IS the Phantom Stranger? You know, the DCnU Phantom Stranger. The guy in the blue suit and gloves is gone, and it’s the lady in the pink suit with hands that look like she’d never be able to find decent gloves for them.

    Nah, I’m kidding. A interesting theory, though. I’d love to see the Stranger show up again in whatever story they’re planning on putting her in.

    • martelljt says:

      That’s actually not a terrible theory. It wouldn’t be the first time a comic company completely changed a character’s apearance to the point they were almost not recognizable. Just look at African American Nick Fury…?

      Agreed though. I’d like to see him make an appearance in the DCnU, just to show he’s still relevant.

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