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As my first “Top 10 List”, and in tribute to New Year’s and its constant countdown theme, I am going to list my Top 10 Rich Fictional Characters. This list is not depicting characters placement based on their monetary value, but how they rank as my favorites. For the purpose of this list, fictional characters will include any prominent character in geek culture that are show to be ridiculously wealthy.

I’d like to start by saying that in the comic world, there are generally two types of fans. Those that love DC, and those that love Marvel. Yes, I know there are many other publishers out there, but even those that love one of those others, do love one of those two big companies more than the other. In my case, I’m a DC man. At least I was, before all this New-52 nonsense started in September (which I’ll get into later). I don’t mind Marvel, and do try to read their stories, but my favorites come from DC. Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, The Atom, The Justice League, The Justice Society, etc. etc.

For some time now I’ve been in somewhat of a debate with a good friend of mine (for now he will remain nameless, but I have a feeling he will make himself known soon enough in the comments) about the Green Lanterns of the DC Universe. For those of you who do not know, the Green Lanterns are an inter-galactic police corps that patrol the universe. Of their ranks, arguably the most well-known member is Hal Jordan. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen the movie this past Spring, or at least heard about it. Hal Jordan is a test pilot, a notorious playboy, and a fearless member of the Corps.



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Little about me: My main claim to geek/nerd culture is my long time affinity and expertise in comics. Their histories, their characters, their business, their art, all things comics. I’m also interested in most things Star Wars, Star Trek, video games, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and just about anything else you can use to correlate to our fantastic world.

In this blog, which I’m hoping to update on a half regular basis, I will discuss my opinions on many long time (and also little known) debates in our community, and strongly encourage anyone watching or reading to weigh in with their own opinions, arguments, counter arguments, questions, comments, criticisms, or threats (keep it light on the threats though, my pride bruises like a peach).

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